When you’re on a weight loss journey, effective strategies are key to your success. One of the factors to take into account in your weight loss plan is timing. Here, we’ll explore optimal times for working out and how to use them to maximize your weight loss.

Morning vs. Evening Workouts for Maximum Weight Loss

While the time of day you choose to exercise can impact weight loss, the results differ from one person to another. One study found that gender played a role in exercise timing, where morning workouts were found to reduce abdominal fat in women. Another study showed that exercising in the afternoon had better metabolism benefits than morning workouts.

Ultimately, working out any time of day can help with weight loss. The optimal time will depend on your body’s natural rhythm, age, sleeping patterns, diet and preferences. But you can look at the advantages of evening or morning workouts for weight loss:

Morning Workout

Here are a few benefits of exercising in the mornings:

  • Boosts energy levels
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Puts you in a better mood

Evening Workout

Advantages of evening workouts include:

  • Improves physical performance
  • Relieves stress
  • Fosters better sleep

How to Craft an Effective Workout Schedule for Weight Loss

It’s important to create an effective workout schedule that works for you to achieve desired results. Here is how you can create a schedule that optimizes weight loss:

Timing Your Gym Sessions for Optimal Weight Loss

Since morning and evening workouts can be optimal for weight loss, consider timing your gym sessions based on what works for your routine, energy levels and goals to stay consistent. Go to the gym before or after work — whatever suits your schedule and keeps you working out.

Nutritional Timing for Enhanced Workout Results

Aside from exercise timing, eating at particular times can help you reach your workout goals. When exercising in the morning, you may wonder whether to workout before or after breakfast for weight loss. Well, it depends on the intensity levels of your workout. For low-intensity exercise, consider working out before you have breakfast. For high-intensity exercise, it’s best to eat before you workout to energize your body.

When you eat before an early morning workout, you should have meals containing carbs and protein, such as oats, potatoes or fruit smoothies with protein add-ins.

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