By Lindsay Boone, Tyler artist

I always name my artwork with a phrase from a song, and this giant mural of slice of a tree that covers the east wall of The Press gym is no exception.

The mural’s name — “Behind and Before” —  comes from Psalm 139,  in which King David sings to God: “You hem me in, behind and before, You lay your hand upon me.”

This glorious idea is embodied in the image of tree rings — each year of growth, each fissure, every crack and weakness in the plant’s life is encased by a solid ring, encircled by God’s providence in nature.

And I find such comfort to find that in my own
life, no matter how dark the valley or difficult the
path, God hems me in, encases and encircles me with His love and mercy.

The title is also fitting for this important time at the Tyler Morning Telegraph — a time of rebuilding and renewal for a company built upon five previous generations.

The company looks behind at the men and women who have built and worked for it, standing upon their strong shoulders, but also looks ahead to a bright future where it can remain important and relevant to modern culture.

The mural covers floor to ceiling of both the first and second floors of the T.B. Butler Publishing Building and is visible from West Erwin Street. The company invites visitors in to see the original work of art themselves.

About Lindsay

Lindsay Boone is an artist and musician in East Texas. An avid artist since childhood, she formally studied studio art and art history in Paris during her junior year abroad. She taught art for five years at schools in Dallas and Bullard. Specializing in charcoal, graphite, watercolor and oils, Lindsay now works as a freelance artist in her home.

Lindsay is also an experienced vocalist who loves singing jazz, blues, folk and gospel, and also plays piano, hammered dulcimer and guitar.If you’d like to request a custom artwork or have any questions, write to