Knowing whether you need more sets vs. more reps in each workout to reach your fitness goals can be confusing. Gym jargon can sound complicated, so if you are new and need to know more about sets and reps, stay tuned to find the answer to this common workout question.

What Are Reps in a Workout?

“Rep” is an abbreviation of the word “repetition.” In gym jargon, it means how many consecutive times you perform and repeat an exercise. One situp is one rep, and 10 situps in a row is 10 reps.

One may think it ends there, but realistically, it would be impossible for most people to perform 100 situps without a break. Reps are broken into sets so that gym-goers can achieve goals and pace themselves. So, you could plan to do 40 situps during a workout and then break them down into achievable goals by doing four sets of 10 situp reps, with breaks between each set.

What Are Sets in a Workout?

“Sets” in the workout world are collections of “reps.” A set groups together repeated exercises and makes your workout goal more attainable. If you want to do 20 pushups in your workout but can only repeat the movement five times in a row, you could do four sets of five pushup reps to achieve your overall workout goal.

What Are the Ideal Amount of Sets and Reps?

Your set and rep strategy depends on your ultimate fitness goals. If you want to lose weight and build lean muscle, your rep and set routine will be quite different from a routine if you aspire to become a competitive weightlifter! Most workout routines include two to six sets of each exercise, but individual fitness goals can be discussed with a personal trainer at The Press Gym. We tailor exercise routines that include the ideal number of reps and sets required to achieve each client’s fitness goals.

High Rep Workouts vs. Low Rep Workouts

How many reps you do depends on your fitness level. The aim should be to feel challenged by each set of reps so that you can continue to build on your strength and move closer to your goals. When you are new to a fitness routine, you may need to do fewer reps in each set, but as you get stronger and build muscle, the number of reps per set can increase. If your reps include lifting weights, you may prefer to use lighter weights and increase the number of reps per set. Each scenario is different, which is why gym membership can help you figure out your fitness goals.

Find Your Ideal Sets and Reps Strategy at The Press Gym in Downtown Tyler, Texas

The Press Gym is here to answer all your workout-related questions. Our friendly trainers look forward to discussing your fitness goals with you to formulate the ideal number of reps and sets to include in your gym routine. Contact us today to get started!